Lazy Loading Youtube Videos

Extension that resolves Youtube related Google core web vitals recommendations & Improves performance

  • This innovative tool allows you to load YouTube videos only when they're needed, which can significantly reduce your website's loading time and improve the overall user experience
  • A new page builder element "Lazy Video" resolves the following
    • Reduce unused JavaScript (There will not be any YouTube domain recommendation)
    • Ensure text remains visible during webfont load (passed)
    • Reduce the impact of third-party code (improved from 8000 to 4000)
    • Some third-party resources can be lazy loaded with a facade (passed)
    • Avoid enormous network payloads (passed)
  • Improved page load speed and faster initial page rendering that was earlier blocked by YouTube loading
  • The extension works only with Magento default page builder. 
Open Source (CE) 2.4.3 - 2.4.6, Commerce/Cloud (EE) 2.4.3 - 2.4.6

60 days free support

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Lazy Loading YouTube Videos extension introduces a new innovative element within the page builder called "Lazy Video". Instead of embedding normal video element types into the website. Add our "Lazy Video" element and embed the Youtube link that loads Youtube only when they're needed i.e., loads asynchronously after all page resources are loaded.

In this way, our extension "lazy video" element is strategically designed to significantly improve website performance without interrupting any user experience. By loading video content only when it becomes visible to users, Lazy Video enhances page load speed, leading to faster initial page rendering and reduced bandwidth consumption. This optimized approach not only ensures better user engagement but also positively impacts search engine optimization (SEO) efforts.

By deferring the loading of videos until they are actually needed, the Lazy loading of YouTube videos conserves bandwidth and resources, making it particularly effective for mobile devices and long-scrolling pages. Furthermore, this element seamlessly integrates with page builders, making it easy to implement dynamic content while maintaining optimal performance.

From an SEO standpoint, Lazy Video contributes to improved search engine rankings by delivering faster page load times. This, in turn, leads to reduced bounce rates and a positive impact on user engagement. Users can start interacting with the page more quickly, leading to a smoother and more engaging experience.

Lazy Video adapts to different screen sizes, ensuring a consistent experience across devices. Lazy Video plays well with caching mechanisms, contributing to overall performance improvements.


Customer Reviews
  1. Improved Performance & CWV!!!
    I installed and used this extension and worked exactly as expected. It reduced few Google core web vitals recommendations regarding youtube domain. Fantastic support on solving queries


    Posted on

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