Bulk Coupon Delete Extension

Bulk Delete/Mass Delete Coupons (Cart/Catalog Rules) - Admin Panel

  • Very admin-friendly
  • Efficient coupon rule management
  • Mass deletion for cart price rules
  • Bulk deletion of catalog price rules 
  • Support multi-stores and multi-websites
  • Time-saving and streamlined process
  • Simultaneous deletion of multiple coupon rules
CE 2.3.x-2.4.x,EE 2.3.x-2.4.x

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Magento 2 Bulk Coupon Delete is a powerful tool designed specifically for administrators to efficiently manage coupon rules in Magento 2.

With this extension, administrators can easily delete both catalog price rules and cart price rules in large quantities directly from the backend of their Magento 2 store.

The ability to perform mass deletions of cart price rules is particularly beneficial for stores that frequently update their pricing strategies or promotions.

Similarly, the mass deletion feature for catalog price rules allows administrators to swiftly remove outdated or expired rules, ensuring the accuracy and relevance of their product pricing.

By utilizing the Bulk Coupon Delete extension, administrators can save significant amounts of time and effort that would otherwise be spent manually deleting coupon rules one by one.


Customer Reviews
  1. Wonderful support
    The extension demo was very useful to see the exact working flow of the extension and I really appreciates Commerceshop team for the quick turnaround time in supporting and clarifications.


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  2. Satisfies the need!
    I'm glad that I selected this bulk coupon extension that does exactly what I wanted to achieve by clearing all my old coupons on the site.


    Posted on

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